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Hello and Welcome! We would like to encourage you to look around the site and interact in a safe and positive manner. This site is a safe haven to many and guilty pleasure to participate in and an environmentally friendly social site so we do encourage a friendly atmosphere. If you could please take a look at our rules, that'd be greatly appreciated to help maintain the environment we are trying to open up to people. Drama/Negativity will not be tolerated. Tabs upon the site will be regularly updated of any updates to the site. By All Means, this place is as much as yours as it has been ours and any suggestions you would like to indulge that'd be fantastic! We encourage interactions between one another (admins and members alike) there is no categories made around here. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. Thankyou so much for joining and we hope you enjoy your time here.

Kind Regards, The Creator & Admin Team.

Rules / Guidelines

➤ These rules are in place to maintain a safe and positive environment for all roleplayers. Failure to do so is address and actions are taken on any situation that goes against the safety and wellbeing of individuals.

➤ Please be respectful to thy neighbours, treat one another in a positive manner. If an individual is mistreating you please address with someone from the team, evidence is required if abuse is involved.

➤ Do not credit anyone elses layout, codes etc as your own. Individuals layouts need to be credited, notification will be implemented if a member is seen/told of taking claim to anothers work - unable to comply further action will be taken which may result in suspension or removal.

➤ It is encouraged that members take any complaint/issues to the creator or administration team and will be dealt with accordingly.

➤ Understand this site does have a young viewing so please keep adultery graphics/roleplay in private not displayed openly.

➤ This is a friendly environment, we would like to keep it that way.

➤ The team do the best that they can to maintain an environment that is positive. Please do not verbally remark in a negative manner towards them, if something is bothering you please again have proof so the best course of action is applied to the individual/s in question.

➤ Do not apply false allegations towards another member to get them banned or suspended. If allegations are complaint, proof is needed.

➤ Advertising sites through inbox/chat/other members will get you automatically suspended for spam (NINGs policy, we do not take action.)

➤ Any complaint of Admins are to be directly addressed to the Creator, Miss Mexico. Any complaints for that matter will be much appreciated to give sentence, is to have proof.

❗** Members who do not comply and neglect by breaking that stated above will be questioned and serious action will be implemented. Please note that rules may adjust when apparent so please check occasionally for any additional information. 

☑ Rules Last Updated: Febuary, 2015.

Twilight Playground Team.
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