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Dear members,

We, the admins, do not condone nor support the gossip blog that was created in the site's name. We discourage any members from using said blog but know that if you do, it is at your own discretion. We have asked our members several times to simply ignore the blog but many of you have failed to do so. Therefore, we ask that you do not come to us with anything related to the gossip blog. You are using it at your own risk and we hold no responsibility for anything said or done there.

Having said that, we understand that everyone likes a little drama now and again and that drama is fine when it is roleplay only. However when our members real lives are brought into it, it's a problem. This website is supposed to be for entertainment purposes only. It is supposed to be a safe environment for people to create characters, express their creativity, and for some an escape from real life. It is never okay to publicly post someone's ip address. It is never okay to post where someone lives. How would you feel it it were done to you? So because of this, when and if we ever find out who is behind the blog you will be banned indefinitely.. You are obviously a threat to member safety. Anyone found to be circulating the link to the blog via this website will be dealt with accordingly.

- tpg staff.

happy holidays !

hello , and welcome to the playground.  a few things we ask of you to do on your journey here is please keep this environment peaceful and safe .. we do not tolerate drama what so ever ., also be aware to check site updates .. you don't want to be out of the loop , right ? one more thing .. we ask that you read site rules and follow them .. we don't want chaos is all .. if you have any questions please contact the creator , or any admin or mod .. thank you so much for joining and enjoy your stay here at the playground !

-the staff of tpg .


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